What this is about

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor many years I avoided traveling to Africa. Somewhere in my mind was an image of disease-ridden, gun-totting armies rising out of malarial swamps, clutching bags of blood diamonds against a background of land deforested by multinational corporations.  That’s what western media can do to you. Last year my mother (still going strong at 87) invited me to join  her on a trip to Tanzania with some of her friends. Luckily I overcame my initial resistance and had the time of my life. And couldn’t stay away.  I experienced so much in these short visits to Tanzania that I just had to share some it – hence this website. It is also an invitation – a promotion, if you like.

I guess some African countries have pretty bad problems  but Tanzania is doing well, it is a wonderful place to visit, it has excellent facilities at all levels, lovely people and what must be the absolute best best wildlife and nature destinations. It is clean and tidy and the food is great. Curiously, though many people live on less than 1$ a day you see a lot more smiles and hear more laughter  than in the affluent west.

Many people want to “help  Africa”. A very easy way is just to go and spend some money there – have a great time and support the local economy. Regarding conservation, more visitors to the National Parks, especially the less well-known ones will strengthen them and guarantee the future of these so-precious places. These parks, some of them the size of a small nation, contain, unspoiled,  the ecosystems in which we first evolved. Visiting them is like coming home, it touches something deep inside. It is very personal – it can be fun, inspiring, healing, life-changing any and all of these.

So I really want to encourage you to visit Tanzania, if it’s at all your sort of thing. There are many ways to go – you can find offers all over the internet and it’s also not difficult to travel on your own.  And, since my  skill is leading tours, I am, after a lot of research and a successful trial run , inviting you to join me on the next trips I am organizing in collaboration with the Tanzanian company Chabo Africa .    For more details see the  Tours Page .

Rather than extol our virtues and make a lot of promises, I created this blog, with my personal diaries from the trial run South Tanzania tour so you can get to know me and Modest my partner from Chabo Africa; it will give you an idea of what traveling with us  is like and about Tanzania in general. You can click here to start a virtual safari or look on the sidebar.