My purpose in offering these tours is to share my passion for Tanzania with others, and to give me the opportunity to do what I love most – travel in these wonderful places with some nice people. I am not trying to create a business! I will consider covering my own costs a great success.

The tours are open to all comers, limited to 12 people maximum and we are making them as affordable as possible. Accommodation is in low to medium priced hotels and lodges; for some nights we will be camping (all tents, camp-beds, mattresses, bedding etc. supplied) in National Parks. We are including walking (easy walking, not hiking!) in the program as often as possible (in some parks it’s not) as  a more intimate and physical way of connecting with the land and a welcome respite from drives.  If more people are interested we will be happy to open up more dates or arrange any private program on request. The tours are operated by  Belgian travel agency African Miles and  Chabo Africa Safari Ltd.  a Tanzanian company based in Iringa. A driver/guide (usually Modest Mdemu) from Chabo as well as myself will accompany the tour from start to finish. Transport is in Toyota Land Cruisers or Land Rovers, well maintained and expertly driven.

For this year we have planned two tours to the less busy region of South Tanzania. One is in the dry season (September)  , the other  during early December – the end of the short Rains and usually a relatively quiet time visitor-wise,   with a similar program. We are also offering an add-on 3 day trip to Gombe Stream National Park for Chimpanzee trekking after the tour.

Dates: September 13-22   ,    December 1-11   ( program and price similar to August tour)

For more details and full program click here   Or  pdf version